Tarang - The Rhythmic wave of music


Geetanjali Academy is presenting its third annual show 'Tarang - the Rhythmic wave of music’ on Saturday, the 1st of June 2019 After amazing Dhwani, Jhanak in 2018, ‘Tarang’ comes up with a surge, a moment to rise and roll in musical waves creating a symphony of music.

The annual show in its true sense literally will live up to its definition and showcase the strength and progress of the academy. We have all our students performing various classical raag based performances with a blend ‘Bandish to Bollywood’ including instrumental performances (Keyboard/ Piano/ Guitar/Harmonium), Kathak dance and Hindi Poetry. 

All the student of our academy will have an unique and outstanding opportunity to showcase their musical abilities and knowledge in the awe-inspiring presence of great musicians at the Annual Show. ‘Tarang’ will extend a platform for our students to unveil their talent and uplift their confidence.   

Presentation will be Hindustani rich classical culture and at the same time a fun filled evening for individuals and  families. Your presence would mean that the students and the academy will receive your good wishes, encouragement and support in building up the confidence, motivation and achieve our Vision ‘Evolving minds through Music & Arts’