Hindi Language


Hindi School

Geetanjali launches first of its kind Hindi School at Harrow Arts Center. 

Age: 3 years and Above

Time: 9:45am - 10:45am every Sunday

Venue: Harrow Arts Center

Fees:  £10 Per Class.Term Fees taken on number of classes in a term.

This will be facilitated by -

story-telling and discussion,

watching documentary films and Hindi animations. 

Variety of games to learn to 

read and write Hindi letters and numbers.



Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages of Indio Aryan origins and is considered to be the mother of all languages.

At Geetanjali, children learn songs and hymns in Sanskrit. 

Read and write letters in Sanskrit.



To keep our Indian culture alive especially to children living abroad, it is essential that our children are introduced to the stories that we enjoyed listening as a child. 

We bring forth the different elements of Indian mythology by reading stories, articles and by using audio visual mediums.

This all we aim to cover at our Hindi School.

Feedback and Comments

 Jyoti, many thanks for running the much required Hindi lesson. Really proud of the kids to see what they have achieved in this short period. Looking forward to the next session. Thanks  Manoj Agarwal ( parent  of  Yash Agarwal 

 It was great to see all the kids do so well this morning. Thanks Jyoti for all your effort. Kids love to come to your class.  See you in sep and have a good summer. Thanks Bharat Gupta (parent of  Vihaan Gupta)